Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where's Waldo?

Last week was really, really busy. Between daily swim lessons, a busy work schedule, and our regular weekly schedule, it felt like I was constantly late for something. Throw in Vacation Bible School each night and it was a recipe for summer fun overload. But…the girls were great and Kyle and I enjoyed our quiet evenings while they were at church.

The last night of VBS was a "Glow Concert". Basically, the kids sing the songs they learned during the week, adorned with glow bracelets and necklaces while the gymnasium is dark with black light. They look forward to this night each year. (It reminds me of a mini rave…but with kids…at church.)

While Kyle and I were visiting with another parent, we were looking out across the crowd and noticed a woman in an orange striped dress. I admired the dress earlier in the evening – when the normal lights were on – two shades of orange, big horizontal stripes. (I am the "Queen of Stripes".) I'm fairly certain that when she chose her outfit for the evening, she didn't realize she's stand out quite like this…

Am I the only one reminded of the Where's Waldo books from decades ago?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kitten treadmill?


See…even my cat likes running!
Don't worry, I will always check before starting a load.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

RECIPE: Smorkies

We made this for a get-together with my friends Tracey and Annalisa and our families. They were DELICIOUS!! The girls and I re-named them "Smorkies".

The recipe link is here: The Girl Who Ate Everything

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday miles

 Running weather last week was absolute perfection!

 Last week = 17.8 miles
2014 = 529.30 miles

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Not a good week for chickens.

Hazel and Mia – earlier this summer
Early Thursday morning/Wednesday night, racoons scaled the 7' fence of our chicken coop and ate our sweet little chicks. Ellie and Josie seem to be fine with it. After loosing Wynona on Monday, then Mia and Hazel Thursday morning, I'm in a bit of a sad chicken funk. I know they are only birds, but it still makes me sad to imagine the last, frenzied minutes of their little lives. I need to stop naming them…maybe that will help. Maybe not.

Now I'm wondering where to go from here. Only two of our three hens still lay eggs. Do I get 5 or 6 chicks and start all over? Find a few hens and add them to our tiny flock?

Bastard racoons.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Goodbye, Wynona

Wynona in her Epsom salt bath
Our hen Wynona had been acting quite strange last week. I noticed she hadn't laid an egg in more than ten days, she was no longer sleeping on the roost at night, and during the day she chose to sit under the hen house in leiu of pecking around in the run with the other hens. I read as much as I could trying to diagnose the problem. It really seemed as though she had an egg stuck.

She was given lots of love and hugs the last few days of her life. I made private box for her to rest in with food and water, and an Epsom salt bath to try and soften up her lady parts. Sadly, our little Wynona didn't make it. Ellie and Josie are surprisingly fine with it. I guess they're true little farm girls at heart.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No…it's not your eyes!

Last Saturday was the first Saturday we've had this summer without a previous commitment. Earlier in the week, Kyle and I decided to do something fun with the girls. State Park/hike/beach was at the top of the list, but when we awoke that morning to a muggy, rainy day, we had to adjust our plans. I Googled "family fun west Michigan" and browsed my option. The one that stood out was Sky Zone, a trampoline park in Grand Rapids. A little more help from our friend Google and I found a Groupon for 43% off a one-hour jump for four. Bingo!

Sky Zone was a blast! All four of us giggled and laughed our way through an hour of bouncing, jumping and diving. So…I apologize for the blurry photos, but they were too fun not to share!

Ellie calls this one the "Josie Marshmallow"
Kyle's sweet tricks!
My not-so-sweet-tricks

On our way home…with very red cheeks!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Miles

Running towards my brother Ben's farm.
Miles last week = 14.5
2014 = 511.5

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Left on my desk – from Eleanor

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